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The PipeFund platform enables participants in PIPE Transactions and Registered Direct Offerings to execute transactions more efficiently, more precisely, less expensively and with better documentation than using current procedures where transactions are handled with non-standard documents. This is accomplished through PipeFund’s integrated services, which can also be used independently of each other:

  • Standard Transaction Documentation

    Using PipeFund’s standard transaction documentation, the number of pages and time required for review, drafting and negotiation of legal documents is decimated, while at the same time providing a more complete, protective and clear understanding among the parties. A simple Common Stock and Warrant PIPE transaction can now be executed and closed in only a few hours, as opposed to weeks, with a very short Securities Purchase Agreement. After Closing all form documents incorporated into the transaction documents by reference are readily available at any time on the PST Documents webpage.

  • Other Services

    The PipeFund documentation dovetails with PipeFund’s full DVP Escrow Services whereby PipeFund provides a segregated escrow account for funds upon commencement of the transaction followed by a DVP exchange of monies and securities at Closing.

    Please contact us if there are other ways we can assist in expediting your PIPE or RD transaction.

Once becoming familiar with PipeFund’s sophisticated transaction documentation and simple execution process, PipeFund participants enjoy the speed, effortlessness, simplicity and protection afforded by the PipeFund transaction platform. PIPE and Registered Direct (RD) transactions processed using the PipeFund platform (which we call “PipeFund Transactions”) are executed and closed better, faster and cheaper, and deal participants can better focus on important diligence items and transactional issues rather than wasting time on ministerial, administrative or repetitive tasks.

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