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PipeFund provides the premiere standard documentation for non-agented PIPE and RD transactions.

PipeFund’s best-in-class documents enable issuers and investors to:

  • Close transactions in hours instead of weeks
  • Decimate the number of pages to be drafted, reviewed and negotiated
  • Trust the transaction documentation is robust, reliable, fair and flexible

Using PipeFund Documents

PST Documents

PipeFund Standard Transaction (PST) Documents contain comprehensive and customary terms and conditions which are incorporated by reference into the definitive documentation for PIPE and RD transactions. This enables the actual transaction documents to contain only the basic business terms of the deal along with any negotiated variations from the standard terms.

Click on PST Documents to view all current or prior PST Documents which may be incorporated into your transaction.

Start a Transaction

PipeFund Documents are proprietary and may only be used pursuant to a valid license for a single transaction. If you wish to initiate a transaction utilizing PipeFund Documents, click on Start Transaction to obtain a license.


PipeFund provides various templates to facilitate drafting transaction documents for PipeFund Transactions, including forms of Securities Purchase Agreement, Warrant, Convertible Note, Certificate of Designation and Escrow Agreement. Click on Templates to view all current templates.

PipeFund also provides templates for exercise notices, conversion notices, assignments and closing instructions for the convenience of investors and issuers in PipeFund Transactions.


Gain From Our Experience

PipeFund’s experience and expertise can help you execute and close your PIPE and RD transactions faster and better with less cost. Our personnel have performed numerous transactions in a variety of capacities since the industry’s inception over 15 years ago, handling hundreds of millions of dollars of capital invested. In addition to our standard documentation, PipeFund offers escrow and other transaction-related services, so feel free to contact us today so we may assist you with your PIPE and RD needs.